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Best Practices for Improving Field Service Operations: Part I

July 3, 2018 | Laura Brown

Managing a field service organization can be tough with so many moving parts.  It can be challenging to keep track of technicians in the field, schedules and changes, inventory, assets, and emergencies, all while keeping your customers happy.  Streamlining your operations will not only make you more efficient, but will also add to your bottom line. Below are a few ways you can make your operations a bit less chaotic:

Standardizing Your Service Offerings

Most field service organizations are still operating on paper and allow their technicians in the field to write down the work that was done on site.  This leaves room for creative naming conventions and interpretations later. Standardizing your service offerings will not only help eliminate the guesswork, but also help from a planning perspective.  If you’re able to standardize your service offerings, a field service software can help you plan and forecast for each type of work you have scheduled.

Faster Response Times

With technology on the rise, customers have higher expectations than ever.  They expect field service providers to respond to their needs quickly. Commit to decreasing the time it takes to talk with your customers and schedule their service.  Field service software can help schedule and dispatch technicians based on skills, availability, locations, and more. When a technician completes a job, you’ll know immediately and can schedule the their next tasks.

Look at the Data

With the right field service software, you have all the data you need at your fingertips.  What types of jobs are most profitable? Which technicians always take longer to complete work?  Which customers constantly reschedule? All of these metrics can help identify areas for improvement.

Communication. Communication. Communication.

There is nothing worse than waiting all day and wondering when the field service technician is going to show up.  Communicate with your customers! Allow your customers to make their own requests and track work in real-time with an online Customer Portal.  Send customers email or text notifications when work is scheduled, when you’re on the way, when you’re on site, and when the job is done. They’ll love you for it.

Schedule Recurring Work and Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance work should reduce the amount of emergencies for you and your customers.  Field service software can help schedule any recurring work or preventative maintenance work you do, automatically.  Instead of setting reminders to check in or schedule each job individually, the software can schedule the work for you according to a contract or a set schedule.


Optimizing your service operations can go a long way in improving customer satisfaction, saving time, and eliminating scheduling headaches.  The right scheduling platform can give you visibility into operations and improve the efficiency and quality of your services.


If you’re considering a field service management solution, AgileField can help!  Watch our short video or request a demo here!  

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