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Why You Need a Customer Portal in Field Service

April 24, 2018 | Jennifer Thronson

Field service companies today and under enormous pressure to grow and separate themselves from the competition.  Customers expect instant gratification and transparency when they select a field service provider. With companies like Uber and Amazon, customers have been trained to do almost anything with the push of a button.  And customers today are spending more time online than ever before. More than 80% of customers prefer self-service in an online portal instead of calling a customer service desk. (source)  So what can you do?  The answer is simple.  Offer your customers a self-service customer portal and mobile app.

Higher level of customer satisfaction

A customer portal allows you to provide an on-demand method for your customers to communicate with you in real time.  Customers can now choose how they want interact with you- not vice versa. When customers can request their own work and provide details, it significantly increases the information flow, saving time for you and your customers.  An overwhelming 89% of customers prefer a tool that provides a technician location and the ability to choose an arrival time. (source)   

Provide transparency

To provide the highest possible level of customer satisfaction, customers need to feel they have transparency.  A customer portal will give them just that. Your portal should allow customers to login to request service, appointment times, select an asset for service, and attach photos or documents.  Your company can save time diagnosing issues when they can see the problem areas via photo uploads from customers. Additionally, customers can see work history at their fingertips. Customers want to see their equipment assets and associated work history.  They want to see upcoming work you have scheduled for their location(s). Most importantly, they want to see real time job progress- don’t leave them wondering where you are or if you’ve completed a job!

Reduce administrative overhead

When customers can see your technicians’ real time status, there is no need to call your customer service team to ask things like “where is my technician?”, “have they completed the work yet?”, “can you send me a copy of the before and after pictures?”  Features included in a customer portal not only increase customer engagement, but lets your administrative and customer service teams focus on more complex tasks. Your team will spend less time trading phone calls and emails, resulting in longer times to schedule work.  Plus, nobody likes phone tag! Now you can grow your customer base without having to increase headcount on your customer service team. A customer portal will allow you to cut costs while increasing revenue.

Beat your competition

It’s increasingly difficult to be competitive in field service.  Additionally, 60% of businesses expect to implement self service portals within the next 12-18 months.  (source)  If you don’t already have a customer portal, you’ll soon be behind the competition.  While those without a self-service option force their prospects and current customers to research, make a phone call, wait on hold, and finally speak with someone, you can offer a way for customers to request work 24/7.  A customer portal gives your company another tool to provide the best service possible. Did you know that 86% of consumers would pay a premium of up to $25 for enhanced scheduling options? (source)


Ready to see how a customer portal can benefit your company?  Request a demo to learn more about AgileField’s customer portal and mobile application.

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